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Dare to Serve is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation that activates kids to get involved in meaningful charitable work in their schools, local communities and around the world.

Dare To Serve is a service organization with three areas of service.
1. Student-led faith based leadership group meets at school. Students are responsible for bringing the topic of discussion for that group time. Adult volunteers are present to encourage, equip, hold accountable, mentor, disciple, and edify students.

2. Service oriented local and national project trips. It’s obvious the benefits and value that is brought to those being served and those doing the serving. Local and national opportunities for youth that serve to encourage and highlight their gifts through hands-on experiences. Our desire is to provide the funding for underprivileged kids to go on these project serve trips who would not otherwise be able to afford it. We are partnering with Next World Wide to plug kids into for these short-term domestic mission trips.

The third area of service is yet to be implemented. We are in discussion with Dallas ISD and Fort Worth ISD to launch this program.

3. School Resource Chaplains program. The SRC program is an important answer to the call for holistically caring for and encouraging high school kids. Our chaplains continue to build relationships with these young people by listening, and caring for their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. We befriend, mentor, guide, and care for these kids at their schools, visiting them in their neighborhoods and homes, and encouraging them in their educational journey.

SRC Goals
– Assign one chaplain to each school to connect with and assist students on a weekly basis on each campus.
– Assist and support school administration and staff with any type of student related service.
– Staff any reportable issues with administration.
– Help network with local support services (often free).
– Encourage and instill moral character and value into students.
– Be available to provide truancy assistance to school administration with a “drop by” home check for habitual absentees with the plan to encourage regular attendance.
– Document all chaplain activities and interventions to formulate a measurable result to determine the effectiveness of the chaplain program at the end of the year.

Benefits to schools
– Provide temporary mentoring/coaching until staff counselors are available
– Provide specialized services to students’ families
– Alert staff to special problems
– Be part of the team on special problems
– Respond quickly to emergency needs

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